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Anagram Interview: Rap Star Eminem

Created Sept. 19, 2000
DISCLAIMER: Before you scratch your head or send me hate mail, please note that this is a fake interview. The answers were created by rearranging the letters in this celebrity’s name [anagramming].

I just finished interviewing Detroit Rap Star Eminem. Be warned, he is as nasty in interviews as he is in his lyrics. Here’s what he had to say:

Davezilla: Who manages you currently?
Rap Star Eminem: Mainstream Rep.

Davezilla: You have a new horse. Dare I ask her name?
Rap Star Eminem: Spearmint Mare.

Davezilla: How dreadful. Your fans are accusing you of jumping on the Metallica bandwagon and trashing MP3-sharing. Any comments?
Rap Star Eminem: I mar Napster? Me? [gives finger]

Davezilla: I’ll take that as a no. If you weren’t a vulgar, obnoxious, totally misogynistic rapper, what you would be doing for a living?
Rap Star Eminem: Mere rapist man.

Davezilla: Big surprise. Well we know you hate women. What about men?
Rap Star Eminem: Men are armpits. [lights up a fatty]

Davezilla: I hear you were attacked on your recent trip to Jamaica.
Rap Star Eminem: Rasta-men rip me. [belches loudly]

Davezilla: Any hobbies?
Rap Star Eminem: I rename tramps.

Davezilla: That’s marginally interesting. What do you think of the music industry in general?
Rap Star Eminem: Parasite men, Mr. [spits] Mean pirates Mr.

Davezilla: So most of the media thinks you are the worst thing to happen to kids since crack. How did you get such a bad reputation?
Rap Star Eminem: I rap meanest Mr.

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