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Anagram Interview: Alanis Morissette

Created Feb. 19, 2001
DISCLAIMER: Before you scratch your head or send me hate mail, please note that this is a fake interview. The answers were created by rearranging the letters in this celebrity’s name [anagramming].

Heather Champ probably doesn’t know this but she was the first Web designer I ever wrote to. I was thrilled when she wrote back to me with some hints on color usage. That was some years ago ...

Back then she was running a site which I know you’ve got bookmarked, jezebel.com. Later, she realized jezebel was too limiting for her creative output and she created the extremely popular harrumph! I am happy to be able to interview her for Davezilla.

Davezilla: Hi Heather! I was wondering what you think of the new Mozilla browser? Do you think this sort of constant change in the browsers slows Web designers from achieving anything earth-shattering?
Web Designer Heather Champ: Netscape harmed higher Web.

Davezilla: So ... Jakob Nielsen. He bugs the hell out of everyone. What’s your biggest peeve about him?
Web Designer Heather Champ: He preached Web nightmares.

Davezilla: Do you think web designers like Jennicam would have become as famous without the advent of cams?
Web Designer Heather Champ: Webcams heightened her rap.

Davezilla: I love the Sweet-n-Low packs you had made up! I heard that recently you caught a girl stealing a case of your Sweet-n-Low packs. Tell us about that ...
Web Designer Heather Champ: Her bag hid Champ sweetener!

Davezilla: So why did you fire your assistant? Was he messing with your code?
Web Designer Heather Champ: He renamed Web graphics.

Davezilla: That’s so irritating. So what does Heather Champ think about when she’s alone?
Web Designer Heather Champ: Which hemp-bras degenerate...

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