Holiday Gift Ideas

Every year I list new holiday gift ideas, which are of course, veiled attempts to get you, dear reader, to buy me stuff my wife won’t buy for me. Today, the talking Red Foxx doll.
Talking Red Foxx doll

Worst Gifts to Give Your Boyfriend or Husband

  1. A copy of The Rules
  2. Golden Girls Season 1 DVD set
  3. Febreze Noticeables
  4. Frilly drapes
  5. My Little Pony Crystal Rainbow Castle Playset
  6. Pink hand tools
  7. A coupon for Enzyte
  8. A Utilikilt
  9. Season tickets to the Detroit Lions (still 0-14, ouch!)
  10. What gifts would you avoid?

Worst Gifts to Give Your Girlfriend or Wife

  1. The Good Wife’s Guide
  2. A weight scale
  3. The phone numbers of every stripper you’ve ever met
  4. A porcupine
  5. Instruction and Advice for the Young Bride Manual
  6. A mustard sandwich
  7. An extension cord, used
  8. A box of rust
  9. An ultimatum
  10. What gifts would you shy away from giving?