Friday Question #13


What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you while driving?

I ask because while driving home from the airport yesterday, a large Wolf Spider jumped off my visor and landed on my forearm

Friday Saturday Question #11


Have you ever tried to fasten your seatbelt and realized you were in an ordinary chair?


Friday Saturday Question

Apologies for the few posts of late. I am traveling so much that I rarely get quality Inter Webs time anymore.

What’s your most most embarrassing moment?

C’mon. Out with it.

Friday Question #11

So if you’ve followed my Twiiter, Flickr or Facebook posts, you’ve by now heard that Lizz and I are the proud owners of a 30′ sailboat. So one thing that everyone keeps asking us is what we will name the boat?

On Tuesday night I had this conversation:
HIM: “You gonna name your boat something cool like Sea Fag?”
ME: [cough]
HIM: “Well I would.”

What Should We Name Our New Boat?


Friday Question #10


Have you ever talked to someone whose gender you could not identify, even after a lengthy conversation?