You folks is weird.

I’ve seen some odd pics from you in the past, but you outdid yourselves this time. I’m not sure how many of them I believe are legit… Impressive. Some are safe, some not so much, which is why I am hiding them in the excerpt. I don’t want anyone fired. 😛 In other news, if…

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Keeping abreast of my readers #3

Yes, it seems like I’ve created a monster. Or rather, Esther and Mandy have. Readers are busting out at the chance to express themselves. Trouble is, I’m not sure how many of these are real anymore. You decide. Bobby Peru has never looked lovelier. Sorcha Myra Lori Bobby Peru mikeB viagra free viagra buy viagra…

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Keeping abreast of my readers #2

My. Leave for Canada for a week and my readers get restless. As well as dress-less. More photo submissions from my lovely readers. Update: We have a male submission. Um, enjoy. Esther Mandy (again!) Mattis (Merth) viagra free viagra buy viagra online generic viagra how does viagra work cheap viagra buy viagra buy viagra online…

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