Grammar: You’re doing it wrong

Crusin with Brown Suga

Really not sure what disturbs me more: The phrase, the lack of apostrophes or the letter spacing.

People Who Need to Go Far, Far Away

  1. People who hit their brakes inexplicably when nothing is in front of them and they aren’t speeding.
  2. People who use douchebag words like ‘braggadocious’ and ‘YOLO’ in everyday speech.
  3. The inventors of Powerpoint, Jeggings, Crocs and UGGs.
  4. The creators of ‘Call of the Wildman’, ‘Hillbilly Handfishing’ and other white trash train wrecks.
  5. Professionals who say, “Let’s really think out of the box on this one, guys.” As if their coworkers were intentionally coming up with tired ideas because no one reminded them to be innovative.
  6. Honey Boo Boo, although I rather feel bad for this kid. She’ll grow up realizing that she was the laughing stock of the entire world and no one really liked her at all.
  7. People who never wash their hands after using the loo.
What. The. Fuck. Is. That? Kill it. Kill it with fire!

What. The. Fuck. Is. That? Kill it. Kill it with fire!

We can do all thongs through Christ

Longtime reader Bobby Peru, (and by longtime, I mean 14 years) pointed me to a fun tool for searching Facebook status messages, called OpenBook. While this is amusing enough, Peru went one further. He said that lots of folks make typos in their statuses (we’ve noticed!) and that by searching for the wrong word on OpenBook, you’ll get some hilarious results.

Below are the search results for people who meant to type “things” and instead typed “thongs”. (For my Aussie readers, thongs should be taken to mean g-strings or tangas, but not sandals). Hilarity ensues. Click each icon for the full image.

Why God, why?

I just read that UGGs is making thongs. I sincerely hope by that, they mean the Australian word for sandals and not oversized, sheepskin g-strings.
By the way,