Clean humor, filthy comments

Now you can send me pictures!

I get a lot of email from you readers. A lot a lot. Most of it is really entertaining and I’d say 50% of it is too naughty for this site to publish. That said, many of you want to send me pictures and links, but don’t have my email address, and to minimize spam, I don’t publish it. I’ve made a new contact form that lets you add pictures and links, leave me messages and even tell me if you love or hate the site. Because I care. And ’cause I really like the weird things you all send me. 👿

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Apologies for the down time yesterday. It wasn’t the server. For some reason (that is still not resolved) the company that I purchased the domain Davezilla.com from assumed my ownership had expired, when in fact it expires next year in 2011.

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Oops, the maid cleaned up

So things may not be in the same place you left them last night. But you know, things got a little crazy with you last night. We’ve never done it like that before. I hope you still respect me. By the way, you left your socks on my bed.

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