Note to Everyone

If I hear anyone singing, whistling, humming or even legitimately discussing, My Humps one more time, I am going postal.

Just sayin’.


  1. Man that song is whack. My friend has a fifty something year old sugar daddy (I know what you may be thinking but its not me dating him, trust me!) and he invited us out to lunch. During drinks he mentioned if we heard this new catchy song. I’m thinking “Body Rock”, or “I’m on it”. No, its that Hump garbage and he’s singing it out loud in the restaurant. I wanted to jam my crab leg up his lame ass nose. Just thought I would share that with ya!

  2. WTF, thats the best song in the world so, yunno what… whatcha gonna do w/ all that junk
    all that junk inside that trunk
    im gonna get get get u drunk
    get u luv drunk off my hump!! take that assholes 😈 😛

  3. Oh crap. After reading all the comments I have the lyrics all stuck inside my trunk.

  4. i still say y’all r gay for hating that song, oh and Becky… put yo milk w/ my cocopuffs, milky milky cocopuffs, yo milk w/ my cocopuffs 😛

  5. I always thought it was a song about girly pimples. Those are gross. Like back acne, only more womanly.

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