• Drusky

    Proof positive that it’s just too easy to find pussy on your computer…

  • http://www.myspace.com/meagan_la_dieroff Meagan

    I’z lik to read it! :P

  • Grim

    what the hell is he doing on a mac? the cat should claw his :limp: off for stupidity…sorry mac hater :evil:

  • patrick


  • Grim

    [quote comment="415813"]DOGS R EVIL! CATS R KULE! BIRDZ R GOOD (2 EAT). FISH TASET LYKE CHIKIN[/quote]
    you missed the fact that dog tastes good, and alligator tastes like chicken, not fish depending on the fish you’ve been eating :thong:

  • http://lulzftw.com eric nakagawa

    LOL! Dave ur lolcat is one of my personal favorites! Thanks for being a sport!

  • DaPopster

    The rezults of typing under the influence of pussy, is it a bad thing ? 8O :wang:

  • puma

    My cat can type with all four paws. Not very good,but she types.

  • http://www.canadianrods.com StevieC

    Searching for kitty porn?

  • patrick

    Grim, did you miss the fact that there’s a CAT’S PAW assisting the word processing? Do you think cats eat dogs, or alligators? Stay up with us. Comedy is all about timing. Wear a cup, life is hard.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=541987007 AnnieB

    You’re one talented, creative motherfucker aren’t you? :P :kiss:

  • http://davezilla.com/ Davezilla

    [quote comment="416038"]You’re one talented, creative motherfucker aren’t you?

    :P :kiss:[/quote]
    Best. Compliment. Evar.

  • http://www.minjungkim.com MJ

    Soooooo very true!

  • Spud

    Stop pussy footing about… :geek:

  • http://www.mattresspolice.com diesel

    Wait, you took this pic? And it’s in the book? That’s sweet!

  • http://blondefabulocity.blogspot.com/ Nicolette

    Fluffy is waiting in high anticipaton for his copy!

  • http://davezilla.com/ Davezilla

    [quote comment="416044"]Wait, you took this pic? And it’s in the book? That’s sweet![/quote]
    Yes, indeed. My hand, my laptop, Jade’s paw. She enjoys typing and attempting to dial. Thankfully my Treo stumps her. Keys are too small.

  • http://www.lungbrothers.blogspot.com Lung the Younger

    You must have trained her well to concentrate on the keyboard and not just chase after the mouse.

  • http://www.ygtbkm.blogspot.com Mandy Fish

    I am too awestruck to make a witty riposte.

  • TammyKnows

    I figured you boys like seeing butts. So this is a real true beaut.