Guide to Artists’ Models No. 3: The Hippie Chick

The Hippie Chick

Nude Model: The Hippie Chick

Making a dramatic resurgence in popularity in recent years, the Earth Mother’s younger, inebriated equivalent, the Hippie Chick is a sight to behold. Or flee from.

Look for silky hair, wavy, golden-red and reaching almost to the floor—and that’s just her armpit hair. Her skin is either sun-freckled or drug-acned, and I don’t wish to get close enough to determine which. Many a man has seen her cutting flowers at outdoor concerts, naked as a jaybird, but—from the amount of leg hair—mistook her for a Satyr.

She has one of those odd builds: child-bearing hips, but almost no breasts, a head like Alfred E. Neumann, and several regrettable, homemade tattoos. Her teeth are gapped, not in a natural, cute way, more of a, “My boyfriend lost the bottle opener” way.


  1. “I don’t believe in shaving body hair. That is a plot created by the patriarchal society that women are subjected to.”
  2. “Are you going to pay me in weed again… ’cause I really need bus fare this time.”
  3. Dude… where is th… um… yeah so like… um… Are you going to pay me in weed again?”
  4. “Is that a UFO? Oh no, sorry. Bad flashback maaaa-aaaann.”
  5. “Jerry’s dead? Bummer.”
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  • Mandy

    Nice nature trail. :dead:

  • Spud

    Another gem in the series, unfortunately I knew a few girls like this when I was a younger bloke.

    Mullimbimby hippy chicks never shaved and seemed to think body hair was a good thing.

    Yet I think it reminds me of something else…


  • Stephanie

    It looks like the guy in the link was the model for the drawing.

  • Ace

    I like how the guy in the link decided to spend an extra few bucks for a nice pair of breasts. And it paid off too. Yes sir, your breats do look more natural now.

  • Davezilla

    Just think, you only have to put up with this series for three more days and you can have your eyes back. :razz:

  • Nikki

    Baby Jesus thanks you.

  • GentleRose

    :wtf:umm…wow….that made me look at old fat ppl at workin a whole new terrified way:-?

  • Paige

    Dave, what has gotten into you???? I cant make any pithy comments on drawings!!!! Even though, the Earth Mother looks like that chick that had the column in High Times-what was here name????????:wtf:

  • hazel

    thAT link was uterly disturbing :eek: omg i donk think i’ll ever see throug these eyes in the same way

  • Marcus

    It reminds me of my first day in Thailand…Both pictures. A six foot Thai drag queen with stubble, tattoos, boobs, and hairy legs wearing a miniskirt. Just couldn’t stop drinking beer and whiskey.

  • hippychick

    OK! Just cause my name is hippychick doesn’t mean that I look OR smell like that! UGGGHHH! I’m the flower child hippychick, peaceful, loving but definitely CLEAN & SOBER hippychick from the 70′s. So when I leave a post, please don’t think of me as a hairy, smelly slob.
    But Dave, if you need another model version of a hippychick, let me know.

  • Davezilla

    Yes, we require photographic proof, hippychick. :wang: :grin:

  • nikkie D

    your drawings are halarious and x-rated and it’s freaken awsome!!!!

  • Christall

    She looks like the sister of the comic book MAD you remember that one Dave? Hey, i’m thinking something should be said about the huge space between her teeth—but, i’m at a loss for words.

  • Davezilla

    Yes, that’s why the description said, “a head like Alfred E. Neumann”, Christall. :twisted: