Random Effluvia

Random Effluvia

Random Effluvia

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Slittens. Cause the world needed a Tumblr blog devoted to kittens with sloth faces. [OMG YES]

Poor Kelly. She ordered a fur wolf tail for Halloween and got, well, not what she expected. It sure is furry. [VIEW PIC]

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Helping the Retarded to Know God

Helping the Retarded to Know God

Helping the Retarded to Know God

I thought that “Helping the Retarded to Know God” was surely a fake book cover, like the ones on LiarTownUSA, but no. It’s real and is available on Amazon.

BTW: I’m not making fun of the content (or the need)—just the inappropriate title, which was sadly prevalent at the time of printing (1969).

Fuck the Detroit News

Detroit News? Time to train your telemarketers some manners

At least one of the telemarketers, excuse me, consumer solutions experts that works for the Detroit News is a rude asshole.

In June, a kid came by selling short-term (60-day) subscriptions that would help him through college. We decided to help him out and paid him by check so that the paper would end after two months. It didn’t. They kept sending it and we let it pile up.

I finally called them and had one of the rudest, most condescending conversations ever. She told me that subscriptions automatically renew without the need for me to approve them. I told her that I specifically paid by check because the college kid told me that the subscription can’t renew if they don’t have my payment information.

HER: “I can’t help it if you make decisions that you later regret.”
ME: “Helping a kid out? Sue me.”
HER: “I’ll cancel your delivery, but you owe us $18 for delivery.”
ME: “Good luck collecting it. I never authorized it.”
HER: “I think we’re done talking now. Goodbye.”

Photo Credit: just.Luc via photopin cc