Holiday Gift Ideas

Every year I list new holiday gift ideas, which are of course, veiled attempts to get you, dear reader, to buy me stuff my wife won’t buy for me. Today, the talking Red Foxx doll.
Talking Red Foxx doll

Random Effluvia

Random Effluvia

Random Effluvia

Cats in tights, are you kidding me? [GALLERY LINK]

Love the theremin? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? There’s an online theremin! [PLAY IT NOW]

Slittens. Cause the world needed a Tumblr blog devoted to kittens with sloth faces. [OMG YES]

Poor Kelly. She ordered a fur wolf tail for Halloween and got, well, not what she expected. It sure is furry. [VIEW PIC]

The most disgusting recipes on Pinterest [GALLERY LINK]