Comments are fixed

Something was borked on the comments from GD spammers. So that happened.

I switched them to Disqus, which allows pretty much any login you want. Your welcome.

I finally refreshed the look a bit. Yes, it’s the default Twenty Thirteen theme (with an original photo for the header), but the site needed a kick in the butt. I plan on updating the color scheme when I get time. Next month.

Attention New Readers

If you’re new to Davezilla, and tried to sign up today but couldn’t, it’s not you. It’s me. Really. I had a spate of Russian spammers signing up all day with fake names and emails. I have no patience for the Russians. Blackhats, the lot of them. Anyway, if you are a real live legitimate person and want to sign up to comment, pop me an email and proof that you’re a human (send me a pic or a link to your Facebook profile for example) so I can add you manually.

Sorry. If you’re a real reader from Russia (say that five times fast), you may be SOL for a while. Your countrymen have spoiled things for the ret of you.

Screw Tumblr. I’m back.

Thought it was more fun to post quickly to Tumblr, but it’s not fun to write on Tumblr and I have been itching to write again. And take my own pictures again, instead of reposting others images. With that, I give you this d-bag who decided to park in a no parking spot in front of the local Pei Wei.

Davezilla has moved! is back

Back in 1994 I started this site as a place to store cartoons and anagrams I did of celebrities. I miss doing that. I had a very small, but dedicated audience. I’ve gotten away from that, more to photos, links and videos. My audience is much bigger as a result. I want to go back to my roots, but not lose you, dear readers.

So I have a solution.

I started posting Davezilla comedy on my new Tumblr blog. You can find me there, several times a day now. Meanwhile, this site will be redesigned as an anagram site once more. Please follow me on Tumblr now, but I hope you like both sites.

UPDATE! Comments are now enabled (using DISCUS) on the new site, so you can begin your filthiness once more!

The address is Please follow! I’ve posted 12 times in the first two days.

Attention iPhone Owners

I just added a mobile theme to to make it easier to read when you’re stuck waiting at the clinic (I won’t ask which one), waiting at the DMV, or avoiding listening to a boring meeting at work. I believe this theme is also optimized for Android, iTouch and the Palm Pre.

Presumably this means you Crackberry users are screwed. Sorry about that. Let me know how it works for you. It seemed to work great on my iPhone.

Caption Time #294

Apparently it’s gross out day on Davezilla. The photo, link and video are all going to make you queasy.

Caption Time #294

Survey Results

Thank you for taking the poll! 1,240 of you responded. Here is how you responded:

  1. 48% of you want stripper poles
  2. 43% of you want polls brought back
  3. 47% of you want to use your Facebook logins
  4. 34% of you want to use the Google logins that were in the sidebar
  5. 18% of you are rockin’ the OpenIDs
  6. 59% of you want more blog, fewer features
  7. 41% of you wants moar bukkit!
  8. 78% of you want a mix of posts and photos
  9. 18% of you want pictures only
  10. 3% of you can read
  11. 344 of you want more Zilla Girl pictures
  12. 54 of you want me to bring back Anagram Interviews
  13. 19 of you want more pictures of Mandy Locke
  14. 11 of you like bewbs
  15. 2 of you want to know where you left your keys


So my site seems to have been compromised by clever spammers. Not sure how they got in, but they managed to insert hidden code into thousands of posts that I now have to manually remove. Somehow it is affecting my sidebar and footer as well. The site isn’t showing any PHP errors, but the site hasn’t been working since that spam appeared in my posts. Will keep working on this. Might be a few more days of downtime. Apologies! Meanwhile, enjoy the links.

And we’re back! So it turned out to be a plugin that borked on me. The spam was coincidental. The plugin wasn’t crucial; it changed the “Older Stuff, Newer Stuff” links at the bottom to pagination numbers (like on CNET).

Still Alive

I haven’t forgotten about you, dear readers and I have several post ideas and tons of photos. I’ve just been traveling so much for work that I never get a free moment to blog. I also have more travel Monday and Tuesday, so please don’t rob me.