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How to tell if she’s interested.

I just don’t see how men can be so clueless. Yet week after week my email box is overflowing with up to three questions regarding women. You men just aren’t getting any cause you don’t get one thing: How to tell when she she’s interested.

To me, it’s perfectly obvious, but then, I am an excrutiatingly, Manly Man. Allow me to share some pointers on getting her interested, followed by some things women are doing to let you know she’s interested.

Seven ways to get her interested:

  • Leave a copy of Atlas Shrugged on the coffee table. Just read the last three pages of Chapter Five and put the bookmark at Chapter Six. She will ask you if you’ve read it, so be prepared to say, “Yeah I just reached the part where...” You’ll have her eating out of your hands.
    Why does it work? Women love smart men and tough, female authors.
    BONUS: Ayn Rand writes like a man, so you won’t lose any creds should your buddies come over and rest a beer on it.
  • Put a small, white thread on the seat of your black pants. It will stand out larger than a glaring typo to a seasoned editor. She’ll instinctively need to remove it, and use the opportunity as an excuse to groom you a little, in this case, brushing and rubbing your butt. If she just points and says, “You have a thread on your pants,” you’ve still got some work to do. If she doesn’t say anything? Sorry pal; you’re sleeping alone.
    Why does it work? Women hate misplaced threads, but enjoy touching men’s butts.
    BONUS: She won’t complain if you touch her butt now.

How to tell if she’s interested:

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